Waves System MicroPlayer MKIII+
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Waves System MicroPlayer MKIII+

The Waves System (iD-AL) MicroPlayer MKIII+ (50050) is a versatile audio player ideal for broadcasting pre-recorded messages, music or warnings at pre-determined times or in reaction to an external control such as an interactive information point, sound effects or museum narrative. Can also be operated by the supplied remote control.

WAV and MP3 files stored on an SD card or a USB flash drive are played automatically according to an “AutoPlay” setting or are triggered by external events such as:

  • Electrical contacts: 4 configurable inputs that can be combined to trigger the playback of up to 15 folders or to control the playback through sensors, push-buttons, relays, etc.
  • 2 MOSFET switches that allow to control other players and devices.
  • Commands through the RS-232 serial link. A simple protocol is used to send playback and volume commands (management of up to 1000 folders).
  • Infrared sensor usable with a remote control.
  • 2 buttons to which functions can be assigned.

The management of the files is simple and only requires a file manager. File naming with the insertion of optional tags determine the player's operation. 

The player is protected against accidental damage by polarity reversal and against the use of an alternating-current (AC) power supply instead of the provided direct-current (DC) power supply. The input power supply is transferred to dedicated pluggable terminal blocks to make it easier to power other devices.

Controllable by a PLC, computer, or remote control using a serial link. The player receives data on its Rx input and sends data on its Tx output.

There is an integral digital amplifier sufficient to power 2 x 10W 8-ohm speakers, ideal for a small standalone system. 

Two Mosfet 500mA switch outputs allow to trigger external devices endowed with contact inputs, led, relay etc.

The amplified outputs can be set at the front of the player for increased flexibility.

A mains PSU is included, suitable for 100 V to 240 V.



  • Status LED
  • Infrared sensor - Protocol: Sony SIRC, 12 bits, 38 kHz carrier
  • SD card slot
  • USB Host 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mb/s), standard “mass storage” driver, type-A receptacle
  • 2 configurable buttons
  • Volume knob for the amplified speaker output
  • RS-232 serial link on a 3.81 mm pluggable terminal block (9600, 19200, or 38400 bauds)
  • 4 configurable opto-isolated inputs on a 3.81 mm pluggable terminal block (typical debounce time: 25 ms)
  • 2 MOSFET outputs (500 mA per output, max 20 V) on a 3.81 mm pluggable terminal block
  • 2 power supply outputs dispatched on the pluggable terminal blocks
  • 0 dBu unbalanced line-level stereo audio output on standard RCA connectors
  • Headphone stereo audio output on a standard 3.5 mm (TRS) jack
  • Class D amplified speaker stereo audio output on 3.81 mm pluggable terminal blocks
  • External DC power supply chassis socket – Plug Ø 2.1 mm / 5.5 mm


Suggested applications for the iDAL MicroPlayer MK3 include:

• In public places, broadcast messages such as warnings, practical information, directions, assistance.
• Audio source for interactive kiosks and terminals 
• On machine tools, play alarm messages on defective status detection.
• In theme parks, get talking animals to heckle passers-by.
• Multilingual broadcast of audio scenes in up to 15 languages.
• In museums or art galleries to make objects speak and tell their story.
• In funfairs, rides, play sound effects.
• Use one player per zone for varied background music programs in hotels, fitness centres...
• Add sound to architectural spaces.


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Interfacing and Connectors:



Stereo 3.5mm mini-jack

Line Out

Stereo RCA connectors unbalanced

Speaker Outputs

2 × 8 W – 8 Ω, THD+N = 1 %, 1 kHz

2 × 10 W – 8 Ω, THD+N = 10 %, 1 kHz

2 × 15 W – 4 Ω, THD+N = 1 %, 1 kHz

2 × 19 W – 4 Ω, THD+N = 10 %, 1 kHz

Digital Inputs

4 combined configurable opto-isolated terminal block connector,  3.81mm


2 MOSFET outputs (500 mA per output, max 20 V) on 3.81 mm pluggable terminal block


2 configurable buttons

RS232 Control

RS-232 serial link on a 3.81 mm pluggable terminal block (9600, 19200, or 38400 bauds)

Supported Files

MP3 (.mp3): MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer III, mono/stereo, 16 bits, 44.1 kHz, from 32 kbit/s to 320 kbit/s, CBR (Constant Bit Rate) or VBR (Variable Bit Rate), with or without ID3v1/2 tags¹

WAV (.wav): mono/stereo, 16-bit LPCM, 44.1 kHz, WAVE_FORMAT_PCM or WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE.
TXT (.txt): text file for serial (serial.txt) and configuration (config.txt) usages – raw text format (only printable 7-bit ASCII characters) with CR/LF, LF or CR end of line characters.     

Storage Devices
(SD Card Slot)

File system supported: FAT32

Accepted storage device types:

SDSC cards, SDHC cards, USB Flash Drives

Accepts 1000 folders maximum at the root, containing up to 999 files each

Player power supply input:

Nominal voltage: 12 V DC

Supplied PSU Voltage

From 100 V to 240 V


From 50 Hz to 60 Hz



Dimensions  (WHD)

140 mm (1/3 rack width) x 43 mm (1U) x 107 mm