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TOA TH-650

Aluminium horn flare, 500mm diameter. Use in conjunction with TU631M / TU651M pressure driver
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The TOA TH-650 is a shock-resistant aluminum round horn flare compatible with TU631M and TU651M drive units. (see related products)

The TH650 horn loudspeaker is ideal for outdoor events as the external stainless steel hardware (screws, bolts, nuts), and powder-coated horn and bracket ensure superb weatherproofing and corrosion-resistance.

Unobtrusive two-tone colors (off-white color corresponding to RAL 9010:horn, and gray corresponding to RAL7042: bracket) help speakers blend in with surroundings.

Additional Information

Sound Pressure Level 110 dB (1 W, 1 driver.)
Frequency Response 200 - 6,000 Hz (When operated with a driver.)
IP Grade. IP 65 (When operated with a driver.)
Driver Coupling 1 3 /8 18 threads (inch screw)
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +55°C (must be free from dew condensation).

Horn flare and flange: Aluminum, off-white, powder coating
Reflector horn: ABS resin, off-white
Bracket holder: Aluminum, gray, powder coating
Bracket: Steel, gray, powder coating 

Screws and bolts Stainless steel
Dimensions 500 x 394 (D) mm
Weight 2.9 kg
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