Spottune Omni Cord
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Spottune Omni Cord

The Spottune Omni Cord wireless pendant speaker is part of the Spottune system, pairing simply with the 'Stream S1' transmitter.

The smart, cylindrical design loudspeaker features a 4" extended range driver and built in 50 watt Class D amplifier. The rigid construction of the housing ensures that low frequencies are faithfully reproduced even at volume without unwanted distortion or vibration.

The Omni Cord offers 360º dispersion for exceptional, evenly distributed sound and performance. This makes for a pleasant listening experience at an even volume across the whole room without traditional 'sweet spots'.

The 5m cord is used to suspend and power the speaker from a standard ceiling rose for ease and simplicity. Ideal for high ceilings.

Available in black, white or grey and perfectly complements the 'Recessed' or 'Track' mounted Omni Speaker.

The Omni loudspeakers offer superb sound quality and a stable audio performance using 1.9GHz DECT transmission. Fantastic for background music, even at moderate volume, but for more 'oomph' there is also a 200W wireless subwoofer which can be added to the system. See 'related products' for details on this.

Thie innovative design concept of the Spottune speakers led to the receipt of 2 prestigius awards in 2021 - The Red Dot Design Award and the German Innovation Award.



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Frequency Audio frequency range 50-15000Hz
Amplification ~50W digital class D amplifiers Max SPL 100dB
Wireless Features

Audio-BroadCasting-Digital – Technology

RF-Band 1,8 – 1,9 GHz

Range up to 50-100m (Condition dependent)


Diameter: 115 mm, Height: 200 mm

Cord Length 5 m
Weight 1.5 Kg

Standby power consumption

1.74W (Limitation 2W)
Colour Black, White or Grey

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