Spottune Stream S1
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Spottune Stream S1

The Spottune Stream S1 wireless broadcasting transmitter is the central control unit of the Spottune wireless audio system.

This feature rich, compact wireless audio transmitter, not much bigger than a hardback book, communicates with all the speakers, working with each individual speaker to pair, setup and then send audio content to. Once set up, the Stream & speakers will automatically re-pair after any power-down event. 

Music or other broadcasts can be played via USB input, over your Network or simply a music player connected to the Aux input. There are two speaker output zones and  the 'Stream' can transmit a different audio input to each of the 2 output zones simultaneously if required.

Voice announcements can be made via the built in mic or by connecting your PA to the mic input. Microphone announcements have priority, muting any music streaming across both output zones simultaneously.

The Spottune Stream uses ABCD (Audio Broadcasting Digital) technology at 1.9GHz (DECT) for broadcasting over an area of up to approximately 10,000 sqm with a maximun capacity of 32 speakers per zone. The DECT frequency band offers dynamic acoustics with a stable wireless connection immune to WiFi noise and associated dropouts.

Controls are available in the menu accessed via the front panel.

Basic adjustments can also be made via the free Spottune App. The App enables the music source to be changed and the volume adjusted on individual speakers or across each zone. Music can also be played / paused.

For ultimate flexibility and control 'The Enterprise Cloud' subscription service enables the music input to be managed for multiple zones and across multiple locations offering standardised playlists and volume levels. Group announcements can also be managed for customer information or promotions. With full control of the broadcast in each location, the music played and the shopping experience can be matched across all outlets anywhere in the world to maintain brand identity.

For further information about the Cloud subscription service, please download the separate datasheet.


USB Wireless
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Technical Specifications

Spottune Stream


Output to 1 or 2 music Zones

Wireless Features

Audio-BroadCasting-Digital - Technology

RF band 1.8 - 1.9 GHz

Range up to 50-100m (Condition dependent)

Optional daisy chain Spottune Stream


Ethernet Ports for multiple streaming services

Spottune Enterprise Cloud controlled input

Mini jack, AUX IN - (Stereo line input)

Mini jack, MIC IN - (Prioritized external MIC / PA stereo line input)

USB 2.0 type A

Supported formats

zip, .ogg, .mp3, .flac, .mp4, .m4a, .wma, .wav, .ra, .rm, .m4b, .aif, .aiff, .aifc, .dsf

Spottune Enterprise Cloud music streaming*

*USB buffer for a secure music streaming

Power (Adapter)

100 - 220V 50/60Hz, 5V DC 2A

Width x Height x Depth

215mm x 45mm x 168mm