Cameo Lighting Features
Cameo Lighting Features

You may have been blown away by the brilliance of Cameo lighting products already, but if you need to clarify some of the features shown in the product descriptions, please find our Glossary below. If you would like further help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime, you may like to download the Cameo Lighting Product Catalogue for more information.

4 Shutters icon 4 Shutter Framing Blades
Like wing limiters, but significantly more flexible, there are four diaphragm sliders here that enable the light beam to be shaped. Each diaphragm slider can be individually angled and inserted all the way for complete shading. The diaphragm slider system can be rotated by 45° in both directions for exact positioning.
ArtNet icon ArtNet Compatible
The device is ArtNet compatible. ArtNet is a network protocol for transmitting DMX-512 or RDM data via an ethernet connection.
Cameo calibration chip icon Calibration Chip
The calibration chip ensures that the mixed colours of the lamp are reproduced identically when using serveral fixtures, thereby preventing any deviations in colour between the lamps.
Cameo Circular Prism icon Circular Prism
A circular prism multiplies the beam or the gobo projection, placing the result inside a circle.
Cameo CMY icon CMY
This spotlight uses a white light source and subtractive CMY colour blending (cyan, magenta, yellow) for an extremely large palette of colours.
COB icon COB LED Technology
The current “chip-on-board” multi-LEDs allow dense, large-area light sources to be created that are characterised by their high luminosity and wide range of even colours. Cold white According to the colour temperature scale in Kelvin (K), “cold white” is a very bright, clear light in the colour temperature range between 5,000 and 10,000 K; it is slightly artificial in character and goes well with rich primary colours.
Cameo cold white icon Cold White
According to the colour temperature scale in Kelvin (K), “cold white” is a very bright, clear light in the colour temperature range between 5,000 and 10,000 K; it is slightly artificial in character and goes well with rich primary colours.
Cameo colour wheel icon Colour Wheel
Turning the colour wheel, which is fitted with various filters, enables very fast changes of colour.
Cameo Daylight icon Daylight
Daylight colour temperature
Dim to Warm icon Dim-to-Warm
The Dim-to-Warm function can be used to simulate the colour temperature drift of a traditional filament lamp.
Cameo discharge lamp icon Discharge Lamp
Discharge lamps are highly efficient and very bright. They provide a constant light output, good colour reproduction and a long service life.
Cameo DMX icon DMX512
Communication standard DMX512 was developed specially for lighting systems in 1986. Up to 32 DMX devices can be daisy-chained and controlled via a control source (e.g. a light mixer).
Cameo ETL icon ETL Certified
This product is ETL certified.
Cameo flicker free icon Flicker Free
The high-frequency control of the LEDs while dimming ensures flicker-free operation, including for filming purposes.
Cameo focus icon Focus
The focus function serves to focus the light beam and the gobo projection at any distance.
Cameo gobo wheel icon Gobo Wheel
Gobo wheels are fitted with static or rotating gobos made of metal or glass. Gobos are essentially templates that allow the projection of patterns, shapes and graphics.
Cameo green solution icon Green
The high energy efficiency, the long service life of the LED lamps and the low level of heat dissipation make this device particularly environment-friendly.
Cameo iDMX App Control icon iDMX App Control
This fixture permits wireless control from any smartphone or tablet with Cameo’s iDMX® Controller App.
Cameo IP65 icon Protection Class IP65
IP65 - This device is fully protected from the penetration of dust and water jets.
Cameo IP67 icon Protection Class IP67
IP67 - This unit is fully protected against the ingress of dust and temporary immersion.
Cameo infrared remote control icon Infrared Remote Control
The device is fitted with an infrared sensor and can be controlled wirelessly using the IR remote control unit included.
Cameo iris icon Iris
The iris is a continuously variable opening for altering the diameter of the beam.
Cameo LED icon LED Technology
LEDs are ideal for use in lighting systems: They are bright and have a low level of heat dissipation, a long operating life and low energy consumption. Moreover, LED systems often weigh less than conventional lighting systems.
Cameo Linear CTO icon Linear CTO
This spotlight has a continuously variable CTO correction function (colour temperature orange) which enables settings from cold white to tungsten and warm white.
Cameo Linear Prism icon Linear Prism
A linear prism multiplies the beam or the gobo projection, placing the result inside a row.
Cameo master / slave icon Master & Slave
Master/slave operation allows identical DMX devices to be controlled by a DMX device of the same model and software standard. All the devices are connected by DMX cables in series. The master device is then set to run in standalone mode and the slave devices are set to run in slave mode.
Cameo multi-angle icon Multiple Angles
Various dispersion angles possible
Cameo pan & tilt icon Pan & Tilt
The PAN & TILT feature moves light emission along the X and Y axes.
Cameo quad colour LED icon

Quad Colour
Quad colour LEDs, or 4-in-1 LEDs, offer RGB colours with an additional amber-coloured emitter for richer colours and an additional white emitter for improved contrast and greater definition.

Cameo RDM icon RDM
This device has full RDM capability. The RDM protocol supplements the DMX protocol and enables bidirectional communication via a standard DMX network. It simplifies configuration, administration and monitoring of RDM devices connected to an RDM controller.
Cameo RGBA icon

Additional amber LEDs allow warmer and richer colours to be created. Amber is outside the RGB spectrum.

Cameo RGBAL icon

RGB + Amber & Lime
RGBAL colour blending enables reproduction of virtually any colour and colour temperature of white.

Cameo RGBL icon

RGB + Lime
The LED has a colour mix of Red, Green, Blue & Lime.

Cameo RGB + White icon RGB Plus White
Additional white LEDs create more contrast and clearer colour boundaries. What is more, they improve the creation of white and pastel colours.
RGBWA Icon RGB Plus White & Amber
Additional white and amber-coloured LEDs expand the GB spectrum, creating more contrast as well as clearer colour boundaries. They also improve the creation of white and pastel colours. The amber-coloured LEDs create more powerful, warmer colours with greater saturation.
Cameo sACN icon sACN Compatible
This spotlight is compatible with the sACN protocol (streaming ACN) for transporting DMX data via a network.
Cameo Segment Pixel Control icon

Segment Pixel Control
In comparison to single-pixel control, entire pixel segments (groups of pixels) can be controlled individually.

Single Pixel Control Icon Single Pixel Control
The individual pixel control function enables colour and brightness of each LED pixel to be individually controlled (“Single Pixel Control”). This enables the device to generate animated graphic patterns and pixel mapping effects.
cameo snapmag icon SnapMag
SnapMag™ technology allows objects to be simply and quickly magnetically fixed to a device.
Cameo stand alone icon Standalone Mode
In standalone mode, the device functions are controlled via integrated programmes, so no light mixer or “master” controller is required.
Cameo strobe icon Strobe Effect
Strobes emit fast flash sequences, which makes movements appear “frozen” and creates a kind of slow-motion effect.
Cameo Tunable White Icon

Tunable White
White tone adjustment from 1600K to 6500K

UV icon

UV and black light lamps are used to create decorative or artistic effects.

Cameo warm white icon Warm White
According to the colour temperature scale in Kelvin (K), warm white is a soft, lightly yellowish light with a natural character that is pleasant to the human eye.
Cameo W-DMX icon Wireless DMX
The W-DMX™ feature facilitates the wireless transmission of DMX control data.
Cameo wireless master / slave icon Wireless Master / Slave
The device features wireless master/slave operation.
Cameo zoom icon Zoom
This fixture features a motorized or manual zoom to vary its beam angle


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