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TOA F-1000T

Pro-audio cabinet speaker. 15 watts, 100 volt line.
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The TOA F-1000T is a compact, highly efficient two-way bass reflex loudspeaker offering wide dispersion, excellent frequency response and power handling.

Designed for the pro-audio market, the F1000WT (white) and the F-1000BT (black) offers a 15 watt output and is suitable for use on 70 / 100 volt line music systems. The transformer has variable tappings including an 8 ohm setting, adjustable by a rotary switch on the rear of the speaker.

The versatile tapered cabinet is supplied with a multi-position mounting bracket .

Available in black or white.

Additional Information

Enclosure Type Bass-reflex type
Rated Input 15W
Impedance 100V line 670Ω(14W), 2kΩ(5W),33kΩ(3W),10kΩ(1W)
Sensitivity 87dB (1w,1m)
Frequency Responce 85-20,000Hz
Crossover Frequency 5kHz
Directivity Angle Horizontal 90°, vertical 90°
Speaker Componenrs Low frequency 10 cm cone type. High Frequency, Balanced dome tweeter
Input Terminals Push-in terminal
Finish HIPS, white
Dimensions 130(W) × 202(H) × 131(D)mm
Weight 1.8 kg (3.97 lb) (including the supplied brackets)
Accessories Speaker bracket × 1, Joint bracket × 1, Wall bracket × 1, Bracket fixing screw × 1 set
Option Board hanger bracket:HY-CM20B,Cluster braket:HY-CL20B,Speaker stand:ST-16A
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