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TOA VM-2120 & VM-2240

5 zone system management amplifier for background music, paging and voice evacuation. 3 line / mic & 2 BGM inputs, remote mic facility & telephone paging integration.
120 watts or 240 watts output.

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The TOA VM-2120 an VM-2240 sound management amplifiers are ideal for handling all public address functions as well as voice evauation communication accross five zones in a medium sized building. 

Available in a choice of output power - the VM-2120 offers 120 watts and the more powerful VM-2240 is rated at 240 watts. If more than 5 speaker zones are needed, two units may be linked together for an additional 5 zones and double the output power.

There are 3 line / mic inputs and 2 background music inputs each with individual tone controls and level control. The optional RM-200M remote mic enables paging into any of the zones or emergency announcements to all zones simultaneously.

Rack mountable with optional rack mount brackets - MB-36.

Other accessories are available to expand the functionality of the VM2120 and VM2240 amplifiers such as the voice announcement board, line monitoring / surveillance board and remote mic extension to activate the voice announcement board messages when 10 zones are in use.

Additional Information

Power Requirement AC mains, 50/60 Hz DC: 24 V
Output 120 W (VM-2120) / 240 W (VM-2240)
Frequency Response 50 – 16,000 Hz
Distortion Less than 1%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio More than 60 dB
Tone Control Bass: 100 Hz ±10 dB, Treble: 10 kHz ±10 dB (Inputs 1 – 3 and BGM individually adjustable.)
Remote Microphone/Extension Amplifier Connection Two RJ45 female connectors Maximum distance: 800 m
Audio Input
Inputs 1 ~ 3 -60 dB*1 [MIC]/-10 dB*1 [LINE] (switchable), 600 Ω, electronically balanced*2, combined XLR type connector (female)/ 1/4″ phone jack (Only Input 1 is additionally (female)/ 1/4″ phone jack (Only Input 1 is additionally equipped with DIN connector*3.)
Telephone Paging Input Push-in terminal block
-10 dB*1, 10 k Ω, electronically-balanced*2
Control : No-voltage make contact input
BGM 1 – 2 -20 dB*1, 10 k Ω, RCA pin jack, monaural
Power Amplifier Input 0 dB*1, 10 k Ω, RCA pin jack
External Speaker Line Input 100 V line, for All-Zone Broadcast
Audio Output
Speaker Output 83 Ω (100 V line, volume control in maximum position), Removable terminal block with screw terminals.
Speaker Zone Control 5-zone selector with attenuator
Direct Speaker Line Output Direct output from the power amplifier output transformer
Line Output 0 dB*1, 10 k Ω, RCA pin jack
Recording Output 0 dB*1, 10 k Ω, RCA pin jack
Preamplifier Output 0 dB*1, 10 k Ω, RCA pin jack
Control Inputs 1 – 3 For controlling Inputs 1 – 3, Push-in terminal block
No-voltage make contact.
Control Input and Output Control Input and Output
Input : No-voltage make contact input
Output : Open collector output
(1) External control input
Activation of messages for an optional Voice Announcement Board*4
Activation of power
Activation and stop of Emergency Broadcast
Unit’s broadcast cutoff (when activated by an external emergency equipment)
(2) Status output
Irregularity of communications with the Remote Microphone and an expansion amplifier
AC power condition
DC power condition
Irregularity of the sound source of the Voice Announcement board
Stop of the unit’s broadcast
External Attenuator Control Output Removable terminal block with screw terminals, relay, no-voltage make contact output, transfer type
Surveillance Input and Output*5 25-pin female D-sub connector
Input : No-voltage make contact input
Output : Open collector output
Power Output 24 V DC
Chime Tone Built-in chime:
2-tone chime/2-tone chime(fast repeat)
4-tone chime (Up)/Single-tone chime/4-tone chime (Up & Down)/Gong/off
Finish Panel: ABS resin
Case: Steel plate painted
Dimensions 419 (W) × 143.3 (H) × 356.2 (D) mm
Notes *1 0 dB = 1 V
*2 Can be transformer-balanced with the addition of an optional IT-450 input transformer.
*3 For connection of the Paging Microphone with remote control switch.
*4 An optional EV-200 Voice Announcement Board is required.
*5 An optional SV-200M Surveillance Board is required.
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