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TOA A-2120

Mixer amp, 3 mic & 2 line inputs. AC power or 24V DC. 120 watts. 100 volt line or 4 ohm.
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The TOA A-2120 120 watt mixer amplifier is an ideal public address amplifier for background music and paging requirements in schools, offices, shops, restaurants, factories, churches etc.

The A2120 is suitable for both 100 volt line distributed sound systems as well as low impedance (4Ω) music systems.

  • Balanced microphone inputs for better isolation from external noise, compared to unbalanced inputs.
  • Power output: 120W
  • Bass and treble tone control
  • Three balanced / phone jack MIC inputs and two unbalanced / RCA pin jack AUX inputs
  • High and low impedance balanced (floating) speaker outputs and unbalanced REC outputs
  • AC and DC operation
  • Phantom power on MIC1, for supplying power to a condenser microphone
  • Scratch and fingerprint-resistant finish
  • Easy and quick volume control with master volume control
  • Optional rack mount brackets available - MB-25B

Additional Information

Power Source:  220 - 240V AC or 24V DC 
Rated Output:   120 W 
Power/Current Consumption: 124W (EN60065), 260W(AC operation at rated output, 8A (DC operation at rated output) 
Frequency Response: 50 - 20,000Hz (+/- 3 dB) 
Distortion:   Under 1% at 1kHz,1/3 rated power

MIC 1: -60db 600Ω, electronically balanced, 5-P Din type.

MIC 2,3:-60db 600Ω, electronically balanced, 5-P phone jack.

AUX 1,2: -20dB, 10kΩ, unblanced, RCA pin jack.


Contact Pin 4 - 5 Closure input (for MIC 1) 


SPEAKER OUT:Balanced (floating)
LOW IMPEDANCE: 4ohm (15.5V)
REC. OUT: Odb, 600ohm unbalanced, RCA pin jack

Phantom Power:   DC + 21V (MIC 1) 

S/N Ratio:

Over 60dB
Tone Control:  Bass: +/- 10 dB at 100k Hz Treble: +/- 10 dB at 10k Hz 
Control Input: REMOTE VOLUME: M3 screw terminal
Muting MIC1: Mutes other signals by 0 - 30 dB attenuation 
Indicator: Power signal, peak 
Finish:   Panel: ABS resin, black/Case: Steel plate, black 
Case: Steel plate, black 
Dimensions:  420 (W) x 100.9 (H) x 360.3 (D) mm 
Weight:  10 kg 
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