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The Cloud MPA240 240 watt mixer output offers mixed impedance outputs on 4 ohms as well as 25V, 70V and 100 volt line.

The MPA series amplifiers are available in 2 output variations - MPA120: 120 watts, MPA240: 240 watts.

The MPA mixer amplifiers have six unbalanced stereo line inputs for music sources, and four balanced microphone inputs. Each microphone input has its own rear panel sensitivity control and front panel gain control, allowing multiple mics to be mixed together.

Each line input has a rear panel sensitivity control; the required music source is selected by a front panel rotary switch and the volume is also adjusted on the front panel.

The selected music source is mixed with the summed mic signals before being fed to the power amplifier stage.

The Cloud PM1 single-zone paging microphone is compatible and the MPA240 can also be used on one of the zones supported by the Cloud PM4/8/12/16 multizone paging microphone. Alternatively, the Mic 1 input may be configured to suit most OEM paging systems; paging is activated by a short-to-ground access connection, and can have automatic priority over the other mic inputs.

Mic inputs may be selected to have automatic priority over the selected music source, and additionally, one line input may be set to have priority over any other selected to facilitate connection of a digital sound store or similar device. A pre-announcement chime is also available.


  • 6 line inputs, stereo inputs summed to mono
  • Line inputs via RCA phonos with input gain controls adjacent to connectors
  • NEW MOH/Utillity output
  • NEW Balanced AUX output
  • Source select via front panel rotary selector or remote via RSL6
  • Line input level via front panel control or remotely via RL1 or RSL6
  • Line 6 priority selectable by internal jumper, release time 3s/6s/12s selectable by internal jumper
  • Music EQ by tamperproof LF and HF presets on rear panel
  • 4 Mic inputs, low impedance balanced via phoenix style connectors
  • Microphone EQ by tamperpoof LF and HF presets on rear panel
  • 100Hz High Pass dedicated filter on Mic inputs
  • Phantom power selected by internal jumper for each microphone
  • Limiter dedicated to microphone inputs
  • Mic 1 has access triggered priority over Mics 2-4
  • All Mics have VOX priority over music signals, providing 30dB of attenuation
  • Integrated chime triggered by access control of Mic 1
  • Compatible with Bose EQ Series IIS EQ Cards
  • Remote Music Mute configurable for NO or NC operation
  • Overall "Peak Limiter" with LED indication on front panel

Additional Information

Line Inputs



195 mV (-12 dBu) to 2.0 V (+8 dBu)

Input Gain control 

20 dB range 

Input impedance 

47k ohms 


>20 dB 


HF: ±10 dB/10 kHz LF: ±10 dB/50 Hz

Microphone Inputs 

Gain range 

40 dB range 

Input Impedance 

>2k ohms (balanced) 

Phantom Power 

15 V, switchable per-input by jumpers 


>20 dB 


HF: ±10 dB/5 kHz LF: ±10 dB/100 Hz


Output Power  

MPA120120 watts

MPA240 - 240 watts


General specifications 

Power input 

230 V, 115 V versions available 

Dimensions (mm) 

482.6 mm x 88 mm (2U) x 300 mm (+ connectors & knobs)

19” x 3.5” x 11.8” (+ connectors & knobs)

Net weight 

MPA120 - 10.5kg / 23.5 lbs

MPA240 - 21.6kg / 48.3 lbs

View FileWhy An Impedance Meter is Essential for PA Installers    Size: (296.63 KB)
View FileCloud MPA120 & MPA240 Mixer Amplifier datasheet    Size: (812.59 KB)
View FileCloud MPA120 & MPA240 Mixer Amplifier user manual    Size: (873.77 KB)
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