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Cloud 46-50 - 4 x 50 watt, four zone low impedance, integrated mixer amplifier

The 46/50 offers simple, direct connection of two microphones and six music sources which can be routed to feed four different output zones with up to 50W of clean audio power. The 46/50's music programme and level can be controlled remotely. A paging facility is avilable with the optional CDPM paging mic.

If you need a simple yet versatile public address amplifier for both background music and paging in a four zone venue, the Cloud 46-50 amplifier is ideal.

An optional transformer module is availabel to convert the 46/50 to 70V or 100 volt line for distributed sound systems.

  • 4 zone mixer/amplifier
  • 4 x 50W with dynamic clip limiters on every zone
  • Mic 1 priority over Mic 2
  • Line 6 input priority (zone 1 only) with adjustable release time
  • 6 line inputs, 2 mic inputs with voice operated priority over the music
  • Music level and source selection with remote control RSL-6 (or RL-1 -level only)
  • Facility input (zone 1 only) for active modules DM-1 and LM-1
  • Amplifier link feature when used on 2 zone or 3 zone systems
  • Dedicated CDPM paging mic with chime available
  • Optional equaliser modules for Bose loudspeakers can be fitted to any zone
  • Utility output
  • Optional 4 x 70W 100V or 70V internal module (CXL-4160)
  • Remote music mute for Fire Alarm interface
  • Installer settings behind an anti-tamper panel
  • Forced cooling by vari-speed fan

Additional Information

Line Inputs

Frequency response:  20Hz - 20kHz ±0.5dB
Distortion: <0.05% 20Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity: 195mV (-12dBu) to 2.0V (+8dBu)
Input impedance: 47kohms
Input gain control: 20dB range
Headroom: >20dB
Noise: -90dB A weighted (0dB gain)
Equalisation: HF ±10dB@10kHz, LF ±10dB@50Hz

Microphone Inputs

Frequency response: -3dB 100Hz (filter) ±0.5dB 20kHz
Distortion <0.05% 20Hz - 20kHz
Gain range 10dB-50dB
Input impedance >2k ohms (balanced)
CMR >70dB@1kHz
Headroom >20dB
Noise -126dB EIN 22Hz-22kHz (150Ω)
Equalisation: HF ±10dB@5kHz, LF ±10dB@100Hz


Speaker outputs 50W/4Ω 35W/8Ω via phoenix type connector
70/100V line output: 100V or 70V at 40W with CXL-3120 module (module with 3 outputs, internally mounted)
Cooling: Variable Speed DC fan

General Specifications

Power requirements 230V ±5% AC (115V ±5% AC available)
Fuse rating: T3.15A for 230V input or T6.3A for 115V input
Fuse type: 20mm x 5mm class 3 T 250V
Width: 482.6mm (19")
Height: 88mm (2U)
Depth: 320.3mm (+connectors)
Weight: 6.15 kg

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