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Apart MA247MR

6 zone mixer amp with built in FM/AM tuner, media player with USB + SD card / MMC slot. 240 watts, 100 volt line.

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The Apart MA247MR is a 240 Watt, 6-zone 100 volt line amplifier with a 24V dedicated priority output per zone and built in FM/AM tuner and media player for USB + SD/MMC slot (WMA+MP3). It can be used stand-alone, or as the core of an expandable sound system. 

Because the MA247MR offers independent source selection for zones 1 and 2-6, it can be used as a multi-source zoning system. Zone 1 is a fully independent pre-amplified zone ideal for for large areas that require many speakers, like factory production areas. This enables an external amplifier to be used to suit the power needs for that particular zone.

Zones 2 to 6 can be individually volume controlled using the integrated speaker volume controls. Zones number 5 and 6 are 70-Volts outputs, these are compatible with 100-Volts speakers, but by nature, these outputs will have a slightly reduced output level, meant for the ‘quiet’ zones in a multi-zone system. 

The MA247MR has four balanced inputs on Euroblock. Microphone input 1 is optimized to be used with our MICPAT-6, a selective 6-zone paging microphone. This microphone is the master microphone. Up to 5 of these microphones can be switched in parallel on this single input.

Microphone inputs 2 - 4 are designed to be used with our MICPAT-2 (2 zone groups) microphone or any other microphone depending on the application. On the MA247, you can preset 2 paging groups to be paged with mic 2 – 4. 

Furthermore, 4 line inputs can be selected via a rotary switch and Zone 1 can have a different line source selected compared to zones 2 – 6.

There are 6 different priority levels available. When any priority has been activated, integrated 24VDC supply output (max 0.6A) can switch priority relays of loudspeaker attenuators or other devices. 

An emergency 24V DC power input enables the amp to be powered in the event of a mains failure.  If an external 24V UPS is connected to the unit, the amplifier will automatically switch to it.

It is also possible to use an external amplifier as a paging amp. Suppose zones 2 and 3 should not receive paging messages, meaning there should always be background music. In this situation, the installer can use an external amplifier for paging. When a paging call is sent out, zones 2 and 3 will stay connected to the internal amplifier and will continue to receive background music. The other zones will hear the paging message. The MA247 will disconnect these zones from the internal amp and will send the paging message to the external amp. When paging is finished, these zones will be switched back automatically to the internal amp. 

When required, it is even possible to use a 2-channel amplifier (e.g. the PA2240BP) as external amplifier, with one channel assigned to power zone 1 of the MA247, while the second channel of the external amplifier is used to power paging messages.

Additional Information

19" (483 mm wide) rack mounting yes
height- rack units (1U=44 mm) 2 U
depth (build in) 371 mm
depth (incl front) 390 mm
power supply 230 VAC
emergency power supply 24 VDC
power consumption (max) 800 watts
output power RMS 100 volts 240 watts
output power RMS 4 ohms 240 watts
output power RMS 8 ohms 120 watts
dynamic output power 100 volts 240 watts
minimum impedance load 4 ohms
output power tappings 100 - 70 - 50 volts - 8 ohms
zone outputs 6
MIC inputs balanced 4
inputs with Phantom power 3
line input balanced 3
line input unbalanced 2
tone control yes
priority switch 7
VOX mute yes
chime yes
emergency input yes
priority output 24 VDC
priority levels 6
frequency response (in Hz) 40 - 25 k
tuner (AM, FM, DAB, ...) yes
CD/MP3 player (CD, MP3, ...) yes
cooling system fan
applicable in 100V yes
applicable low impedance yes
Net weight product (kg) 13.70
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