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The TOA A-1812 two zone mixer amp is rated at 120 watts, 100 volt line.

There are 3 mic inputs and 3 line inputs as well as telephone and emergency equipment inputs. A chime function assists paging operations and there is a selectable input priority feature.

Switchable phantom power is available for microphones.

In addition, a line output is provided in order to increase the power amplification by adding a power amp such as the P-1812.

Can be powered by 240v mains or 24V DC.

Rack mountable using optional brackets - see MB-25B.

  • Power output of 120 W
  • Built-in chime unit (1-tone chime, 2-tone chime, and ascending 4-tone chime)
  • Chime can be sounded on use of the MIC 1 input (an optional PM-660D Paging Microphone connectable) or on Telephone paging.
  • Priority function provided for inputs as follows: Emergency input has the highest priority to all inputs. (Contact activation) Telephone Paging input has precedence over the inputs other than Emergency input. MIC 1 input has precedence over the inputs other than Emergency and Telephone Paging inputs.
  • Emergency function performs as follows: Closing the contact at the Emergency Control input terminals turns ON the unit's power even if it is OFF, and both Zone selector switches.
  • Following audio signal inputs suitable for the intended applications: 3 Microphone inputs, 3 AUX inputs, 1 Emergency input, and 1 Telephone Paging input.
  • Phantom-powered Microphone inputs (power ON/OFF switchable).
  • Combined XLR/phone jack Microphone inputs for convenient use.
  • Electronically-balanced Microphone inputs.
  • Speaker selectors for 2-zone broadcast.
  • Tone controls (bass and treble).
  • Output level meter.
  • Master volume control for overall input (excluding the Emergency input) signal level adjustment.
  • AC and DC power source.

Additional Information

Power Source:  240V AC or 24V DC (M4 screw terminal)
Rated Output:   120 W 
Power/Current Consumption:

AC operation: 260W (rated output)
110W (EN60065)
24V DC operation: 7.0A (rated output)
2.8A (EN60065)

Frequency Response: 50 - 20,000Hz (+/- 3 dB) 
Distortion:   Under 2% at 1kHz, rated power

MIC 1: –60dB*1 , 600Ω, electronically-balanced, combined type of XLR-3-31 equivalent
MIC 2 – 3: –60dB*1 , 600Ω, electronically-balanced, combined type of XLR-3-31 equivalent and phone jack RCA pin jack
AUX 1 (MOH): –20dB*1 , 10kΩ, unbalanced, RCA pin jack
AUX 2: –20dB*1 , 10kΩ, unbalanced, RCA pin jack
AUX 3: –20dB*1 , 10kΩ, unbalanced, combined type of XLR-3-31 and phone jack
TEL*2 : –20dB*1 , 10kΩ, electronically-balanced, M3 screw terminal
EMERGENCY: 0dB*1 , 600Ω, unbalanced, M3 screw terminal


REC: 0dB*1 , 600Ω, unbalanced, RCA pin jack LINE 1, 2*3 : 0dB*1 , 600Ω, unbalanced, RCA pin jack MOH: 0dB*1 , 600Ω, transformer balanced, M3 screw terminal
SPEAKER SELECTOR: 2 zone, high impedance (100V line/83Ω), individual selector switch, M4 screw terminal
DIRECT SPEAKER OUT: High impedance (100V line/83Ω), M4 screw terminal Low impedance (4 – 16Ω), M4 screw terminal

(Both Low and High impedance terminals cannot be used at the same time.)

Phantom Power ON or OFF for each MIC 1 – 3 with switch setting
Chime 1-tone, 2-tone, or ascending 4-tone chime, or None selectable with switch setting, activated at MIC 1's DIN or CONTROL TEL terminal
Indicator 5 point LED output level meter, Power indicator LED, Zone indicator LED, Emergency LED, TEL LED
Priority EMERGENCY: Overrides other inputs TEL: Overrides other inputs except “EMERGENCY”, ON/OFF selectable with switch setting MIC 1: Overrides other inputs except “EMERGENCY & TEL”, ON/OFF selectable with switch setting
Dimensions:  420 (W) x 107.7 (H) x 367 (D)mm
Weight:  12.6 kg 
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