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Hearing Systems

Hearing Systems

Assistive hearing systems include induction loop and infrared equipment which may be required to comply with the Equality Act 2010. The Act states that all service providers in contact with the general public must provide assistive hearing equipment at the point of contact.


Induction loop systems are the most common solution, being easy to install and available in a multitude of ‘room ready’ kits and separate amplifiers to suit a variety of coverage areas. They can be permanently installed for ongoing interaction with hearing impaired people, but there are also portable induction loop systems which can be taken into a meeting room as and when required.


Infrared hearing systems are suitable for permanent installation in public buildings and as the hard of hearing person needs to be in 'line of sight' of the transmitter, infrared systems offer more privacy and security than an induction loop hearing system, as there can be no 'overspill' into adjacent rooms / areas.


Other hearing reinforcement systems include ‘Soundfield’ – a system used in school classrooms to ensure that the teacher can be heard clearly over any ambient noise. This helps all children to hear more effectively, not just those wearing a hearing aid!


Emergency Call Point Systems are now required to be installed in public buildings of more than one storey to offer people with restricted mobility an effective method of two way communication in an emergency. Otherwise known as ‘Disabled Refuge’, it enables the person to inform emergency services of their position in the building, in order for them to send help in the event of an emergency evacuation.

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