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David Cresswell Joins Commercial Audio Solutions

David Cresswell joins Commercial Audio

Commercial Audio is very pleased to announce that David Cresswell has joined our team. David brings a wealth of knowledge with 20 years’ experience in the sound industry.

Sales Director Bill Mackie said “David has such a great understanding of our industry, he’s learned his craft over many years. That coupled with his friendly and amiable nature makes him a perfect fit for our company.”

Bill went on to say “I’ve known David for a long time, introducing him to the industry many years ago. He was our first choice when deciding to look for someone to come on board.”

Managing Director Brian Knott added “I knew immediately David would be right for us. His jokes are nearly as bad as mine, so I was sure he’d fit in well.”

David and team can be contacted on 01663 767888 or email him direct at david@commercialaudiosolutions.com