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The Cloud VMA240 is a 240 watt mixer amplifier for use on low impedance audio systems (4 ohms minimum) or 25 / 70 / 100 volt line distributed sound systems.

Also available in a 120 watt version - see VMA120.

This mixer is part of the new Cloud Contractor Series of equipment offering excellent value for money.

There are four stereo line inputs, including an AUX input in the form of a 3.5 mm jack socket on the front panel; ideal for easy connection of laptops, tablets and similar devices. Two balanced microphone inputs are also provided: phantom power is available at each, selectable by internal jumper. A high-pass filter for each mic input may also be selected by internal jumper: this reduces the effects of handling and breath noise. All mic and line inputs (except the 3.5 mm AUX input) have a preset-type gain control adjacent to the input connectors on the rear panel.


  • Industrial quality mixer-amplifiers
  • Power output: 240 W/channel 
  • Outputs suitable for either low-impedance (min. 4 ohm) or 25/70/100 V-line systems
  • Four stereo unbalanced line inputs (3 x RCA jack pairs, 1 x 3.5 mm TRS jack on front panel)
  • Rear panel line inputs have individual gain controls
  • Two balanced mic inputs (1 x multipin connector, 1 x ¼” TRS jack), with individual preset gain controls
  • Front panel controls for mic and music levels, line input selection, mic EQ, master level and EQ
  • Mic input mute switches on front panel
  • Line 1 priority, enabled by front panel switch
  • Mic-over-music priority, enabled by front panel switch
  • 15 V phantom power available at either mic input (selected by internal jumper)
  • 100 Hz high-pass filter on each mic input (selected by internal jumper)
  • 70 Hz high-pass filter in output stage, for use with 25/70/100 V-line systems
  • Fixed limiter – prevents clipping
  • Front panel LED bargraph – indicates output signal level
  • Over-temperature and output DC protection
  • 230 V or 115 V operation
  • Forced-air cooling


Additional Information

Line Inputs

Frequency Response

20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±1 dB

Gain range

0 dBu to +20 dBu

Input impedance

47 kohms


<-82 dB (22 kHz bandwidth)


LF: ±10 dB @ 50 Hz HF: ±10 dB @ 10 kHz

Microphone Inputs

Frequency Response

-3 dB @100 Hz (fixed filter) to 20 kHz, ±1 dB

Gain range

2.45 mV (-50dBu) to 245 mV (-10 dBu)

Input impedance

3.3 kohms (balanced)

Phantom Power

15 V, switchable per-input by jumpers

Noise (EIN)

-125 dBu (20 Hz to 22 kHz bandwidth, max gain, Rs = 150 ohms)


LF: ±10 dB @ 100 Hz; HF: ±10 dB @ 5 kHz

Main Output

Output Power

(1 kHz continuous sine wave)

240 watts

Dimensions Net (w x h x d)

482.6 mm x 88 mm (2U) x 267 mm

19” x 3.5” (2U) x 10.5”

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