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The Apart Champ-4 is a high end convection cooled, low impedance 4 channel power amplifier without a cooling fan for excellent reliability. Offering 4 x 80 watt RMS (4 ohm). Will drive at 2, 4 or 8 ohms.

Power amplifiers have to operate in demanding circumstances where the air is full of dust and / or grease. This can cause problems with the cooling fan and inturn affect the reliability of the amp.

A fanless amplifier seems the logical solution to long term reliability as well as being virtually silent in operation.

Additionally, Apart have designed the unique, side mount heat sinks. In combination with a self-supporting low resonance frame, they make it possible to create a discrete high power amplifier without a fan inside the enclosure. This means less maintenance, no regular fan or dust filter exchange procedure, no more amplifier cleanout, and no more unwanted noise from cooling fans.

APC Power Management
APC power management circuitry is one of the most intelligent amplifier protection circuits ever designed, simply because it does the job without interfering with the typical dynamic character of music. APC allows the user to preset the power potential of the amplifier, while maintaining high power reserves thus producing high, clean power. It constantly analyses incoming music signals and keeps dynamics alive. An additional ultra fast peak limiter avoids amplifier clipping. 

Bridging amplifiers and bridging channels

Champ4 is a four channel amplifier equipped with a crossover. Two of the channels can be bridged for use as a subwoofer channel. The two remaining channels can be used for the top speakers. 

  • Bridge-mono operation 8 ohm 130W
  • 4 channel mode 8 ohm 60W / ch
  • 4 channel mode 4 ohm 80W / ch

Additional Information

Please download the datasheet.
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